Welcome to Shanghai Leishuo Industrial Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Lei Shuo Industrial Co., Ltd. was established in 2000. We are advancing with the times, constantly changing ourselves, and leading the development of the industry. So far, we have become a direct import agent of international decorative hardware products, providing materials for various architectural decoration projects. Configuration and supply provide professional solutions and strive to enhance the aesthetic value of interior decoration.

We deeply believe in the importance of design in life, and believe that the market needs more choices, so we keep abreast of design trends, continue to meet the needs and expectations of the architecture and interior design industries, and implement every designer's concept .

Since the establishment of our company, our business has developed steadily. We have set up two exhibition halls in Shanghai, developed many partners in the Chinese market, developed extensive cooperation with many internationally renowned architecture and interior design institutions, continued to expand the service level, and led decorative hardware Fashion trend, won the support of customers.

To create "Lei Shuo" and to innovate "Lei Shuo" has always been the driving force for us to move forward.